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Lee Bunker

Name: Lee Bunker
Birthday: 10/10/1978
Year started racing : 1999
Favourite win : expert class gas truck national
Sponsors : Xray, Rc disco, Smd, CML, pro line, Byron, ralls racing
First Rc car: tamiya lunch box
How did you get started: girlfriend at the time brought me a Rc car for my 21st after I moaned I’d never had one. Smashed it to bits inside 5 minutes took it to the shop to be fixed and they was talking about racing the next day went to watch and not missed many weekends since
Favourite class: 1/8th rallycross
Favourite track: the farm 2
Most happening city : vagus
Day job: RF production engineer
Favourite vacation: anywhere work can’t call me
Current cars: xray xb9 xb4 xb4/2wd
Other Hobbies: golf, table tennis, xbox